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    * Title of the song: 귀요미송 (Kiyomi or Gwiyomi Song / Cutie Song)
    * Singer: 하리 (Hari), *** The singer of this song is Hari, not IU ***
    * Photos: 아이유 (IU)
    * A cute Korean song
    * 귀요미 (Kiyomi / Gwiyomi / Kwiyomi) is a Korean internet slang used to refer to somebody cute.
    *** For those who have no idea what Hari is like, here is Hari's Kiyomi Player

    [English Translation]
    Ki- Ki- Kiyomi, Ki- Ki- Kiyomi

    Over a chocolate muffin
    Waiting for a cup of savory milk
    Oppa and I sit facing each other
    And scribble on each other's hands

    *Don't look at other girls
    No matter what they say
    You're mine (You're mine)
    Don't even talk to other girls
    I'm yours (I'm yours)
    Please pinky promise me
    That you'll never leave me alone

    **1 plus 1 equals Kiyomi
    2 plus 2 equals Kiyomi
    3 plus 3 equals Kiyomi
    Ki- Ki- Kiyomi, Ki- Ki- Kiyomi
    4 plus 4 equals Kiyomi too
    5 plus 5 equals Kiyomi too
    6 plus 6 equals chu chu chu chu chu chu Kiyomi
    I'm Kiyomi

    * repeat

    One, two, three
    Close your eyes and come to me
    When you touch my cheeks with your two hands
    I stop your lips from kissing and...

    ** repeat

    * repeat

    p/s:please enjoy the video,but before that please stop the mp3 player :)

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